Reaper Defense Cayenne Pepper 12 Gauge Ammunition RDG1258 2-3/4″ Cayenne Pepper Blast 3 Rounds

Sold out!


Sold out!


Brand Reaper Defense
Model Number Cayenne Pepper Blast
Gauge 12 Gauge
Shot Type Pepper Blast
Shot Size
Rounds Per Box 3 Rounds Per Box
Boxes Per Case 10 Boxes Per Case
Shell Length (inches) 2-3/4”

These novel cayenne pepper shells are suitable for those who do not wish to seriously injure an animal or attacker that may be threatening you. Of course, any ammunition fired from a firearm has the capacity to be extremely harmful and lethal at close enough ranges. Use these spicy pepper shells for defense or LE/Duty riot control roles, if need be. Order your exotic 12 gauge cartridges online now!

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