Winchester Super-X 410 Bore 3″ Shell 1/4 oz Rifled Slug 1800 FPS 5/box


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For superior slug performance, you can’t beat the stopping power of Winchester Super X slugs. Specifically designed to deliver maximum accuracy and tremendous energy deposits in shotguns with smooth bores. It can also be used in rifled choke tube barrels or fully rifled barrels. Specifications: 410 Gauge/3″/1/4 oz/Rifled Slug Shot/5 Per Box/50 Cs

Brand Winchester Ammo
Category Shotshell Slug Loads
Model Super X
Gauge 410 Gauge
Shot Material Lead
Shot Size Rifled Slug
Shot Type Hollow-Point
Rounds Per Box 5
Muzzle Energy 788 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 1800 fps
Game Type Medium
Length 3″
Application Hunting
Ounces 1 / 4 oz
Boxes Per Case 50
Bullet Type Hollow Point (HP)

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